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In companies that run hotel, tourist and restaurant activities an important factor is changeability, frequent staff turnover and seasonality in employment. Our accounting office caring for client's interests very meticulously develops proper contracts with employees, controls the completeness of personal files and signals deficiencies in the documentation. Institutions in this industry are particularly exposed to frequent inspections of the National Labor Inspectorate, hence the care for the correctness of settlements with employees guarantees good relations between the team and the employer.

We have experience and competence in serving companies operating in the hotel, restaurant and catering industry.
We provide tax advisory services primarily in the field of tax optimization, accounting services and HR and payroll services.
Our clients include many leading entities in this market sector.


We have accounting certificates issued by the Minister of Finance and certificates of the Association of Accountants in Poland, which confirm the qualifications and entitle to service bookkeeping. Our accountants are members of the International Association of Internal Auditors IIA Poland.


We have liability insurance, which covers civil liability in the area of bookkeeping services, ZUS services and tax consultancy

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We work on the latest software for Comarch ERP Optima accounting offices, which complies with the highest standards in the industry.

We provide a program to issue invoices and control payments, which facilitates making the right decisions.

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