We are distinguished by the concept of cooperation

Knowledge and practice

We need to understand your business. We provide knowledge and practical experience in the field of keeping accounts safely and in accordance with the law.
We are the first line of contact with the tax office.


The security of your business is our priority. Our accounting office has liability insurance, which covers costs if damage occurs. We have not had this situation so far.

Convenience and confidentiality

As an external accounting department, we strive to create lasting business relationships, supported by mutual trust and satisfaction from cooperation. We care about high quality and reliability of service in a good atmosphere.

Accounting outsourcing

We provide legal, tax and accounting security

We care about your success

Our long-term cooperation with our clients gives us the basis to say that we help effectively.

Enterprises entering the market help in establishing an appropriate accounting policy and implementation of accounting processes.

Operating companies that bring us to handling issues, we ensure the organization of documents and proper implementation of accounting functions.

We provide all enterprises with comprehensive services, thanks to which the accounting in their companies is correct, optimal and safe.

Professional accounting with no stress

Let's talk today

Thanks to the experience and commitment of our team, your company's matters cease to be a burden for you. You can be calm in entrusting us with accounting and HR and payroll settlements.

Our clients have recommended us for years that they need a professional accounting office that will ensure tax security and reliable documentation.
We therefore eliminate the risk of unfavorable controls.
We have qualifications confirmed by certificates and experience, which every day benefit clients of over one hundred domestic and foreign companies of various legal forms and scale of operations.

Accounting Office in your interest

Accounting outsourcing as well as human resources and payroll is an important decision for every entrepreneur. Valid and documented financial statements and accounting settlements are key in any business.
Accounting Office GroupEuroService FK is a partner where professionalism, integrity as well as financial security of the client are superior issues.

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